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24 Hour Monitoring

We provide a finely tuned combination of sophisticated technology and staff who are trained to understand your unique requirements.

Monitoring our customers... that's our business

At Universal Security & Surveillance, we’ve built our strengths on providing our customers with a high level of service that is required in today’s fast paced security industry.

We provide a finely tuned combination of sophisticated technology and staff who are trained to understand your unique requirements. Universal Security & Surveillance is constantly monitoring and improving internal processes to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service while utilising our Monitoring Centre. Our control room is rated at Grade A1 the highest achievable Monitoring Centre level of accreditation. Universal Security & Surveillance has a dedicated team of staff that are always happy to help you out with any customer enquiry or problem.

Not just a monitoring centre...

We take advances in technology seriously. Not enhancing our services with the latest in alarm monitoring and receiver technology means we get left behind. With our strong technical team we are dedicated to striving to be the leaders in alarm monitoring. Current advances in wireless communications and IP monitoring platforms, enables us to offer a cost effective solution to our customers.

What can we monitor?

Universal Security & Surveillance has the ability to monitor a wide range of Alarm Panels in the Australian market. Some of these include systems that use formats such as Contact ID, 4+2, and Ademco High Speed just to name a few. In the effort to ensure that our customers have the most advanced, efficient and easy to use technology we have invested in new and innovative solutions including GPRS, IP and CCTV monitoring.

What governs our Response Time?

Universal Security & Surveillance utilises two centers at the Grade A1 level and have national disaster recovery infrastructure in place.

Universal Security & Surveillance national monitoring platform, coupled with our dual redundant configuration allows our Monitoring Centre operators, in the event of a natural disaster or technical issue to divert calls and all workload to either Monitoring Centre seamlessly.

To maintain the Grade A1 classification (under AS2201.2) the Monitoring Centre must be able to maintain levels of compliance for the actioning of alarm events. Under the Standard, alarm events are categorized and have specific response times that must comply by attaining 95% of the actionable events (type specific) within the Standard to be able to successfully maintain the A1 Grading.

Additionally, 24 Hour technical and operational support ensures that service delivery is maintained at a high level. By utilising the latest in Key Performance Indicators (KPI), we are able to effectively roster and coordinate the workforce effectively for peak conditions.

Type Of Event

Standard Response Time

High Priority Events
(Hold-up, Duress etc)
1 Minute
Asset Threatening Events
3 Minutes
Subsistence Events
(Low Battery)
20 Minutes
Schedule Events
(Late To Close, AC Mains Fail etc)
60 Minutes

Mobile patrols can be dispatched to an alarm response upon a customer’s request.

Alarm Verification Monitoring

CCTV monitoring gives the Monitoring Centre staff the ability to view the site from strategically placed cameras throughout the premises. The Monitoring Centre can verify the alarm activity and pass this critical information onto police or an alarm response service. This timely and effective method of monitoring could reduce the risk of loss or damage to your customer’s assets.

What Can CCTV Alarm Monitoring Do For Me?

When an alarm is triggered a VMD (Video Motion Detection device) or the alarm system onsite will send an alert signal to the Monitoring Centre. When the alarm is received in the Monitoring Centre, the customer's instructions will be followed. It is from here, contacts can be called, a mobile alarm response vehicle be dispatched, or police advised of an event on site.

Supported Communications

Universal Security & Surveillance has the ability to support various types of communication methods. From the traditional dialler to IP alarm monitoring and we are constantly investigating new and improved ways to enhance our service.


Cost effective and easily installed, the Dialler is popular for residential and small commercial applications.


As an enhancement to the Dialler, the GSM backup device will still be able to communicate if there is a fault with the main communications line.


Telstra Secure Wireless has been designed to deliver a virtually seamless transition path for existing Securitel customers and those looking for higher levels of security than simple dial-up monitoring.


Similar to the Securiteltm, GPRS utilises the Digital Mobile Network and sends data at a specified interval, allowing the Monitoring Centre to identify a loss of communications.

For further information, help or advice on how Universal Security & Surveillance can help you achieve your monitoring requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 486 483 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist with your enquiry. Alternatively you can email us with your new enquiry at


I was very satisfied when I first contacted Universal requesting information. I received good information and all of my questions were answered directly. My sales consultant was very courteous and had great knowledge of the equipment and system design as we had switched from another company. My installer was very friendly and provided great service. Showed me how to use system thoroughly and left me written instructions!


Infotec Electronics

Mr Soddu and has been providing security installations and other associated works to Australian Customs for a number of years and has conducted himself in a very professional and competent manner. I have personally been associated with Mr Soddu for at least five years and have the upmost regard for his integrity and honesty. Mr Soddu as well as the majority of his employees at Universal Communications are a holder of an Australian Customs Security Identification card. To obtain clearance to Protected level Mr Soddu has had to satisfy a number of stringent checks both internally and buy outside agencies such as ASIO, T4.


Project Officer Future Accommodation Options, Melbourne

Dear Angelo
I write this letter in appreciation of the services that you provide to both my business and private residence. Your company is very efficient, timely and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other people. Keep up the good work.


Johnneeson & Associates Chartered Accountant

I am very happy with my experience with Universal and its employees. The technician that came to install our service was very bright, kind, quick, and very thorough in explaining how the system works. The installer is an excellent employee. He was very knowledgeable, fast worker, courteous and professional. The person I spoke with to set up my appointment was excellent as well. I am very satisfied. Thank you.


Junction Telecoms

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