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Universal was established with the intention to providing professional and quality service to company's utilizing Communications and Security products and services.

Company Profile - Our history, people and practice

Universal was established with the intention to providing professional and quality service to company's utilizing Communications and Security products and services.

Today, Universal enjoys a reputation for providing professional quality solutions that are relevant and cost effective, along with a level of customer service and commitment that has generated a higher standard of customer satisfaction and confidence. A key element contributing to the success of the company has been the identification and selection of suitable and competent staff.

Mission statement

Our purpose is to be acknowledged as a major supplier of products and services within the industry. We will accomplish this by contributing to the success of Australian business and industry by providing demonstrable Quality, Performance, Price Competitiveness and Professionalism in the tasks we are called upon to do so by our customers and we will do this whenever possible by choosing Australian Products and services.


We at Universal have an extensive working knowledge of many sites and varied systems, providing the experience for the maintenance and installation of those systems. We have been involved in the installation at many large sites and are familiar with all the varied techniques employed. Universal technicians are qualified and experienced with all facets of fault finding procedures used in system maintenance, which in turn keeps down time to a minimum.

Service Approach

Our approach resolves totally around quality services supplied by our qualified, professional and competent team that is managed by experienced on site supervisors. Our people have a healthy work attitude. They all consider themselves as an employee of Universal and as an employee of the client. We have developed and maintained strong relationships with suppliers and manufactures of essential parts ensuring accessibility to the highest quality of products at the best price. The company maintains high stock levels at all times.

Universal's Efficiency

Efficiency is the ability to quickly move to a job and successfully complete it. Efficiency starts with the establishment and maintenance of clear and close communication channels with the client. Universal promotes close liaison with the relevant client personnel, ensuring all installation and maintenance requirements are achieved. Clear communications with the client ensures that work is prioritised efficiently.

System Know How

Our technicians hold a wide variety of qualification in the Security and communications industry and are currently working on varied equipment on numerous sites.

Our technicians are always kept up to date with the latest technology through ongoing training courses.

On Call Service

Most facilities for our major clients operate around the clock, 7 days a week. Therefore Universal provides an installation and maintenance services 24 hour a day to cater for any breakdown or installations that can only be carried out after hours.

On Site Maintenance

Universal also provides permanent on site technicians who are involved in the reconfiguration of systems on the client’s behalf this includes hardware fault finding, swap out and repair of boards - equipment and liaison with the specific vendor responsible.

Quality Control

Our team is committed to quality control from the technicians through to the directors. The team leader ensures that the technicians thoroughly understand each job before they start work. The technicians and the team leader thoroughly check all their work at the completion of each job. All work is subject to customer approval and carries a full warranty against faulty workmanship.

Project Management

Our Project Managers will develop suitable project methodologies and strategies to ensure the success of a project.

The Universal team will interpret and translate any vision into reality, matching aspirations with budgets and fully integrating your ideas with the proposed design. We will source and implement the best products and where appropriate the most innovative technology available in order to design the solution that best meets specific requirements.

National Rollouts

Beside our Melbourne and Victorian Regional installations, Universal has established secure links with associated companies Australia wide, thus enhancing our services to multinational companies which our customers attest to.


Mr Soddu and has been providing security installations and other associated works to Australian Customs for a number of years and has conducted himself in a very professional and competent manner. I have personally been associated with Mr Soddu for at least five years and have the upmost regard for his integrity and honesty. Mr Soddu as well as the majority of his employees at Universal Communications are a holder of an Australian Customs Security Identification card. To obtain clearance to Protected level Mr Soddu has had to satisfy a number of stringent checks both internally and buy outside agencies such as ASIO, T4.


Project Officer Future Accommodation Options, Melbourne

Dear Angelo
I write this letter in appreciation of the services that you provide to both my business and private residence. Your company is very efficient, timely and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other people. Keep up the good work.


Johnneeson & Associates Chartered Accountant

I am very happy with my experience with Universal and its employees. The technician that came to install our service was very bright, kind, quick, and very thorough in explaining how the system works. The installer is an excellent employee. He was very knowledgeable, fast worker, courteous and professional. The person I spoke with to set up my appointment was excellent as well. I am very satisfied. Thank you.


Junction Telecoms

I was very satisfied when I first contacted Universal requesting information. I received good information and all of my questions were answered directly. My sales consultant was very courteous and had great knowledge of the equipment and system design as we had switched from another company. My installer was very friendly and provided great service. Showed me how to use system thoroughly and left me written instructions!


Infotec Electronics

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