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Access Control Systems

Access control is a key component in protecting your premises, maintaining business continuity, and ensuring employee and customer safety.

We can install a wide range of Access Control Systems and services. The systems are designed to meet a broad spectrum of controlling access and providing our clients with a sophisticated method of security management.

Today, access control systems are finding many new applications. They are being used to monitor and control access and progress to areas such as commercial buildings, hotels/motels, elevators, computer rooms, car parks, hazardous areas, pharmacy storage rooms, just to name a few.

Access control systems can range from small to extremely large systems involving up to thousands of users.

Access Control Systems can include card swipe, keypads and proximity readers, finger print recognition and biometrics and these systems can be combined to provide different levels of security and personnel authentication including ID cards and PIN entry.

Many businesses utilise PC-based systems as a method of restricting movement around a site including the entry of persons into secure areas, or the control of traffic into car parks.

Access control is a key component in protecting your premises, maintaining business continuity, and ensuring employee and customer safety.

Implementing an access control system can help you in several ways:

  • Safeguard company assets.
  • Limit clearance for critical areas to only people with a need for access.
  • Manage Security from a central location.
  • Multiple premises systems can be linked to a central server that allows access points to be monitored and user databases to be managed from the one location.
  • Cut cost of ownership.
  • Reduce dependency on keys and locks that constantly need to be changed or replaced when an employee leaves.
  • Easy re-carding and inexpensive programmable replacements can dramatically lower the cost of keeping your premises secure.

Through our experience, we can help determine what type of Access Control system is best for your unique needs and environment.

We can also integrate your Access control with compatible Security and CCTV systems.

Access Control System Maintenance

We can provide maintenance and repair services for most types of Access Control systems. Our maintenance service typically includes:

  • Visual inspection of Access Control components including visible cabling and connections
  • Inspect all hardware and associated equipment.
  • Check, clean and lubricate electronic locks.
  • Check and test proximity readers.
  • Focus lenses for correct field of view.
  • Test remote signalling equipment where fitted.
  • Test power supply and battery charging rates.

Free Site Assessment

You can now also take advantage of a Free Site Assessment, where one of our trained experts will discuss your needs and provide you with a free, no risk, and no obligation quote for your Access Control needs and maintenance service.


I am very happy with my experience with Universal and its employees. The technician that came to install our service was very bright, kind, quick, and very thorough in explaining how the system works. The installer is an excellent employee. He was very knowledgeable, fast worker, courteous and professional. The person I spoke with to set up my appointment was excellent as well. I am very satisfied. Thank you.


Junction Telecoms

Mr Soddu and has been providing security installations and other associated works to Australian Customs for a number of years and has conducted himself in a very professional and competent manner. I have personally been associated with Mr Soddu for at least five years and have the upmost regard for his integrity and honesty. Mr Soddu as well as the majority of his employees at Universal Communications are a holder of an Australian Customs Security Identification card. To obtain clearance to Protected level Mr Soddu has had to satisfy a number of stringent checks both internally and buy outside agencies such as ASIO, T4.


Project Officer Future Accommodation Options, Melbourne

I was very satisfied when I first contacted Universal requesting information. I received good information and all of my questions were answered directly. My sales consultant was very courteous and had great knowledge of the equipment and system design as we had switched from another company. My installer was very friendly and provided great service. Showed me how to use system thoroughly and left me written instructions!


Infotec Electronics

Dear Angelo
I write this letter in appreciation of the services that you provide to both my business and private residence. Your company is very efficient, timely and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other people. Keep up the good work.


Johnneeson & Associates Chartered Accountant

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