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Celebrating 25 years of Customer Service

At Universal we believe that today's competitive business environments demand the most advanced technologies available. A dependable network is a critical foundation for every business. When your technologies don't work, your business stops in its tracks. The rapidly changing world of communications means today's electronic support systems must anticipate and respond to tomorrow's needs. Technologies are changing swiftly. Building a solid infrastructure to support all of these technologies is critical. Choosing the right company to design and build your system is just as critical.

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    Network Cabling

    We will ensure that your network cabling system is designed to meet your requirements for now and into the future

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    Intercom Systems

    Today's intercom systems offer a full range of options for both indoor and outdoor connectivity. From a single button unit to a multi button system for gated communities and businesses, these systems are available to suit any size or type of building.

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